Mine & Ours, Seriously

12th-20th May 2010

Mall Galleries, Bristol


Mine & Ours, Seriously

is an exhibition of works by Manoj Sawlani Ramos, Pete Appelqvist, and Ryan Ingebritson, shown in a disused retail unit in Bristol.


Manoj’s work deals with ideas of displacement and cultural values. Using existing culturally and socially loaded materials, in combination with light constructions the work treads the line between interior decorating and furnishing, whilst undermining their traditional material value. In Mine & Ours, Seriously, the work engages with the space’s previous function as a retail unit questioning its own value and that of consumerist practice. Its aesthetic presence forms dynamics within the space, instigating new conversations between the three bodies of work.


Using consistent imagery Ryan creates complex thoughts to exist as one defined idea, using things such as humour, American mythology, banality, and intensified secrecy. The work for Mine & Ours, Seriously was created with Manoj and Pete’s sculptures in mind. His work intends to interact with the sculptures and its new context in a playful and meaningful way. His images are ambiguous, however nod to reality and are triggered by personal histories and past narratives.


Pete’s work engages with art historical contexts, using a minimalist aesthetic as a vehicle for the concerns of his work. Reincarnating past artworks by other artists, he undermines the authority of his new art objects by suggesting a function contrary to that of the originals. The work in Mine & Ours, Seriously, questions the hierarchical value of the art object through its curation and fabrication processes.  


The resulting show exists as an encounter between three narratives co-inhabiting a single space. Their relationships unclear, the voids between the three bodies of work create new and awkward dialogues.  This new situation the viewer finds themselves in allows for conclusions to be formed and dismantled.