“we shall no doubt find uses for it. It will be rationalized and its conveniences enumerated.... darkness prevails both day and night, and even when we are carrying a lighted candle, we see shadows dancing on the dark walls.... In our civilization, which has the same light everywhere, and puts electricity in its cellars, we no longer go to the cellar carrying a candle. But the unconscious cannot be civilized. It takes a candle when it goes to the cellar.”

Bachelard, G. The Poetics of Space [translation by Jolas, M.], (Beacon Press: Boston 1994) p18-19


Thirteen artists selected from second year fine art at the University of the West of England. The show plays on the ideas of irrational space and the subconscious.

The curation of the space transforms the reading of the selected works. Their individual meanings, signs and symbols, are imposed upon and impose upon the space and the other works. There is a nostalgic and oneiric atmosphere created by the information provided or concealed by the lighting.


Basement is a collaborative curation by Peter Appelqvist and Manoj Sawlani Ramos. They are both also second year fine art students at the University of the West of England.